Earth 2000. Metahumans have walked among us for nearly a century. They patrol the skies and streets in bright colored costumes and flowing capes. Even the mighty Atlantians make safe the realm of the sea. Through world wars and world crisis, they lead the way as champions of justice by fighting for peace and equality among men. But there where also men and women who used their gifts and powers for self gain, destruction, and chaos. Over the years some of the more powerful metahumans have banded together into elite super groups to fight crime and injustice as a unit. The most powerful of these groups included: the Justice League of America in Washington DC lead by Earths adopted son, Superman. Also along the east coast of the US, Proffesor Xavier’s X-Men made great strides in educating mutants and figting for mutant rights. On the western United States, The Avengers fought along side the elite para military force, S.H.I.E.L.D in the interest of the United States homeland security. In contrast, some super villains have banded together to seek common goals of wealth and power. Among them where the notorious Legion of Doom lead by Lord Executioner, and the mutant Renegades, lead by Magneto.

In the late 1950’s a powerful creature known only as ‘the Outsider’ appeared in the Atlantic waters off the coast of the US. Fearing that the creature was hostile and preparing an attack on the US coast, the US military attacked it from naval aircraft carriers and arial bombs. An explosion of sea water and dirt masked in smoke consumed the creature. The Outsider had disappeared. In its place was a huge land mass, an island shaped like an 8 point star. It was assumed by military inteligence that the creature was destroyed and its body formed the island. Today the land mass is the site of Star City, a US satellite district that has become a powerful center of industry and a mysterious focal point for metahumans.

2006. Two invading alien forces through force and deception not only took over the Earth by assassinating most of the world’s leaders, but managed to kill more than 90% of the world’s most powerful metahumans, including Superman and Professor Xavier. Over the following year they hunted down and killed another 6% of the world’s metahumans, both heroes and super villains.

Earth, 2010. Today the world is firmly under a new world order. Every Nation is directly controlled by the might of a powerful psionic alien race with advanced destructive technology called, the V’sori. The second slave masters are the V’sori’s muscle, a feircly aggresive race called the Katharen, nicknamed the ‘Fins’ by the humans because of their shark like appearance. All of the major cities of the world have been decimated including New York, Washington DC, London, Japan, Metropololis, Gotham, and even the mighty underwater kingdom of Atlantis. In fact, the only city that was not affected by the V-day attacks was Star City. Why that city was left unharmed, no one really knows.

The defeat of the world’s champions left a great void. Some rookie super heroes have tried to fill the gap, but with their veteran leadership gone, they have remained mostly unorganized and ineffective. Even the once mighty Atlantian armada has been decimated and scattered. The only force that has shown to be a real threat to the new alien power is the remnants of the world’s super villains. They were not present at the great day of celebration that the worlds leaders and super heroes hosted to welcome the sadiciouse V’sori. Though many have fallen in the past 4 years of alien occupation, the resistance has been lead by the brilliant Lord Executioner. The former villains of the world have mobilized under his veteran leadership and even rookie super heroes have been forced into working side by side with the notorioude leader of the Legion of Doom. The resistance took some time to launch but has gained some ground in recent months and grown into an effective fighting unit, using guerrilla warfare tactics split into small cells all over the globe. Operating under the name,the Legion or the Legionares, Lord Executioner intends to lead the fight to defeat the alien presence so that he can take over the crippled Earth in their absence.

Necessary Evil Online

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